DotA v6.70c AI R2 Fun 2.5 Download + 36 Fun Heroes !!

Here I present the new version of Dota, as promised, an improved version of DotA 6.70c AI Rev2 PBMN to incorporate fun BuffMePlz mode, overflow of an adaptation of ancient heroes and added that he was not in my version.
In this version, I have adapted to the fun, basically, how to version 6.70c AI and added more heroes.
In the game just a little fun to activate the fun.


Dota 6.72b Map Released - Official Dota-Allstars 6.72b Download & Changelogs

Dota 6.72b Map Download - Dota-Allstars 6.72b Official Map has just released! IceFrog made some fix for PPC Mac bug that could crash thing and also made several adjustment. Check out the changelogs and download link below!