DotA 6.74c AI 1.3b Download Relaesed - v6.74c AI Plus Bug Fix

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DotA 6.74c AI 1.3b Download Relaesed - v6.74c AI Plus Bug Fix . PBMN just released DotA 6.74c AI 1.3b for fix many bug from previous version. There are 39 bugs fixes on this map.
Thank PBMN. Download link below. 

Main Changelogs

      Varios bugs fixes

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  1. There is a problem in the AI of Enigma, Batrider, Axe, Centaur and other users who use the dagger. They buy two daggers and two force staff instead of buying useful items.

    1. wow. i have suggestion
      i wish there is a nine tailed fox in the next map 6.75 AI

  2. hahaha,, .my allies here just waits for there death at mid at 54mins. ..they all sleep at mid. ..watda!!!

  3. how to play in this new map frnds?
    please say .....! need help...

  4. AI tries to dodge tower at level 6 and in the process of ganking side lane hero gets killed often... WTF

  5. in this map AI is not so clever as i think....
    so please fix that for better play

  6. It's OK for me. I don't be serious. Although there is some error in sometime.
    waiting for next approved version. Thank you.

  7. hey I found something wrong when the ai saying if the enemy is missing they are saying wrong speling and AI buying aghaninms in pit lord!!!!!please fix the problem

  8. hey i found something wrong. one of my allies user are out and his using rylai. we got 5b5 with ai . when i try to control rylai i using tresdin i buy him a lots of healing salve then when rylai pick them it go UNLIMITED. wtf?

  9. i like this thanks !!! i download now !!

  10. The mp is to big ?? how to solve

  11. I cannot download it. Help me. When i click [Download .........]the adf.ly link is appear.Please tell me how to solve the problem.

  12. I cannot download it when i download it the adf.ly link appear how to solve it

  13. Is it because of this map or is it terrorblade hero's skill got reset to the old map? Like in the recent map, terrorblade got mirror, Transform with 3 clone at the same time, +agi, and ultimate. However, in this version, terror blade got health skill(dunt remember the name:))), clone, transform and ultimate. This makes him hard to play again.