Warcraft 3 And Windows 7 - Problems And Solutions

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Windows 7 in new OS from Microsoft, it is better and faster Vista :)

Warcraft 3 works great on it but on some PC's it make problems.

     If You have some problems first what You need to do is download latest drivers for Your graphics card
(GPU) and update to latest Warcraft 3 Patch.

- If You have nVidia go here.

- If You have Ati go here.

- You can get latest Warcraft 3 Patch here.

Recently Microsoft released "KB976264" update that increase compatibility for Warcraft 3, try installing this update.

This should fix Your problems.

If You have problems with Battle.Net:

Set You firewall (or turn it off).
Run Warcraft 3 as Administarator (right click on Warcraft 3 shortcut > Compatibility > check "Run this program as an administrator"
When you start Frozen Throne you’ll get a UAC prompt. Click yes to allow it to make changes to your computer and you will able to connect to battle.net normally.

If You have problems that Warcraft 3 is minimizing when You start,

then You need to disable desktop composition.

To do this right click on Warcraft 3 shortcut > Compatibility > check "Disable desktop composition".

If Warcraft 3 has random screen flicker,

run Warcraft 3 in Windows Xp SP3 Compatibility mode and disable desktop


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  1. Whenever I create a game on 'local area network', eventhough I added other characters/players, no hero would appear on the game proper except mine. What should I do? Thank you!