DotA 6.68c AI Beta | Download by PBMN (Official) |DotA v6.68c AI Plus & DotA v6.68c AI BMP

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Download Beta DotA 6.68c AI - Dota Allstars 6.68c Beta-AI. PBMN just released the official beta version of DotA 6.68 AI couple of hours just after the release of IceFrog Dota 6.70. He stated that this map is 100 times better than the previous map was leaked. However, beta means that there are still some bugs. However,
I think this is another gift for fans of DotA on Christmas Day. Check it out!

Download DotA v6.68c AI BMP

New release !! - DotA 6.68c Ai Modify version ( More Fun Command)

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  1. above me is fail

  2. huh??? yes i wish there's a new hero in 6.72

  3. It would be very interesting game if in 6.72 version will be 1) 2 Roshans 2) i really forgot the name of that thing that appears each 2 minutes 1. is speed 2. is health 3. is invisibility 4. is double damage, so if you add 5. is high speed attack it would be nice. 3) and it would be great if you make new thing in shop for being invulnerable for 5 sec about 3000 usd))) if any other ideas you want me too give please write to jamshedyo@mail.ru