Dota New heroes Phoenix Guide | Build & Strategy | Icarus The Phoenix

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DotA Phoenix: Icarus The Phoenix Guide, Strategy & Build. Icarus is another addition to the Sentinel Strength hero along with Tuskarr in DotA 6.70. This post will provide you with the Phoenix Skill Description, the Phoenix Guide, the Icarus Strategy, the Icarus Item Build and Icarus the Phoenix Skill Build.

Main Attribute: Strength
Alliance: Sentinel

Agility: 12 + 1.3
Intelligence: 18 + 1.8
Strength: 22 + 2.9

Starting Armor: 0
Movement Speed: 290
Attack Range: 500

Icarus Dive:
Phoenix dives forward in an arc with a fixed distance in the targeted direction, dealing damage and disarming any units he comes into contact with, and then orbiting back to his original position. If during the 2 second duration of this spell Phoenix casts another spell, the dive ends. Phoenix gains magic immunity for this brief dive period as well. Costs 10% of current HP to cast.

Damage: 100/150/200/250
Disarm Duration: 2/2.5/3/3.5

Travel Range: 1400
Travel Width: 500
Total Travel Time: 2 seconds

Cooldown: 40
Manacost: 100
HP Cost: 10% of current HP

Note: You can also press the same hotkey anytime to end the dive

Fire Spirits:

Born out of his own life force, Icarus creates 4 fire spirits to fly alongside him. Each spirit slowly grows in power and can be used to damage his enemies or heal his allies. Costs 10% of your current HP to cast.

Maximum Growth Time: 10 seconds

Spirit Minimum Damage/Heal:10/15/20/25
Spirit Maximum Damage/Heal: 40/60/80/100
Spirit AOE: 400

Subability Cast Range: 1200
Manacost: 75
Cooldown: 35
HP Cost: 10% of current HP

Note: The target subability fires off each spirit one at a time. It has no cooldown. If you let them expire without ordering them, they sacrifice themselves where they are.

Sun Ray:

Drawing from his own inner fire, Icarus expels a huge beam of light at the cost of his own life energy. The beam slows and damages enemies for a percentage of their life. Costs 25% of current HP to activate.

Upon casting, you lose the ability to attack or move directly. Ray extends out to the first hero it finds and burns it and a very small area around it.

Can be toggled on and off.

Slow: 14/20/26/32%
Slow duration: 2 seconds
Damage per second: 10/20/30/40 + 5% of Target's Max Life

Activation Health Cost: 25% Current HP
Activation Mana Cost: 10
Overtime Mana Cost: 4% of Max

You have another sub ability that you can toggle to allow you to drift towards the direction of the ray.

Note: You control the direction of the ray using right click and the beam will move towards that angle.
Note 2: Automatically shuts off if you are silenced or stunned


The Phoenix willingly ends his current life for the chance to be reborn. Transforms into a burning sun that scorches enemies within 1000 range. The sun can be attacked by enemy heroes; if it is destroyed, the Phoenix dies as well. However, if the sun survives for 6 seconds all enemies in range will be stunned and the Phoenix will return to life fully regenerated.

Hero Attacks Required (to kll sun): 5/7/9
Duration: 6

Burn AOE: 1000
Damage: 60/80/100 dps
Stun: 1.5/2/2.5

Cooldown: 110
Manacost: 200

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  1. best item for me is:

    -ring of health then void (perseverance)
    -finish the perse to linken or bloodstone. Depends on your team and to your foes.

    this item works on early game for me

    here's how it works for me:

    since its skills consumes hp go get perse first.then get boots (why late on your boots? - since you have a good AOE skills and u can use sun rays for far range, you dont have to get this first,just go to hp and mana regen items). then lothar. My "teknik" is, use "dive" then the enemy is silenced so i use "sunrays" if the enemy comes close to kill u,fight, while hes hitting u, ur also hitting him with ur sunrays which is nasty XD. if ur not confident and ur HP is low, use lothar, so probably he will run,then just follow him if he is far enough not to hit you (before doing this check if he has a gem)

    or if u got tracked by slardar or gondar, skip lothar thing and use nova,then dcide whats best during that situation.

    i think that it.

  2. chicken with bottle,
    boots then shiva's guard. RUSH.
    my 2nd lvl 4 tier item would be refresher orb.
    phoenix has a very low armor, high hp and mana. before casting his egg, use the shiva, therefore having less risk of the egg bieng nullified by physical attacks. think about the possibilities in team clashes of having a refresher with this hero. team clashes during mid-game, phoenix will really shine.

    fire spirits < sun ray.
    imo, maxing out fire spirits first. learn the dive and the ray with each both level 1 early on. even at lvl 4 of sunray at early game would just deal a puny 40dps+5% hp. hitting normal attacks would be better.

  3. refresher orb??? you're not yet sure if you're going to be reborn. :P

    my best build for this hero are the following:
    1. threads
    2. 2x bracers
    3. blade mail
    4. point booster
    5. radiance
    6. tp

    when you see an enemy, slug it out with him and activate blade mail. when you're about to die (500HP), use dive, then supernova combo... your enemy will be confused whether to hit you or run. if he runs, he's probably still within range of your sunray. :D cook him!


  4. guys can i ask??
    whats the perfect build for the new heroes..??

  5. -boots
    -shiva's guard
    -refresher orb
    late game:
    -kuiras or heart

  6. -urn
    -euls scepter
    -shiva's guard

  7. oh and if you have enough money for an end game build change your vanguard to assault cuiras :D

  8. They made phoenix too strong

  9. i dont know..

  10. my build to new hero is..
    3x IRONWOOD..
    TRY 1 NOW..
    or 21x of tango..

  11. yeah 3x gem of sight i tried it and its really effective!!! tnx anonymous guy

  12. vanguard

  13. you don't need any regeneration for this, supernova is enough to be able to refresh your hero..

    i played one and i directly build 2 Divine Rapiers without any previous items, just the DRs

    well, item that is best for him is
    YASHA (for fast ms foes and able to maintain your SunRay)
    RADIANCE (it would be at least 80 DPS with SunRay)
    ASSAULT CUIRASS (armor plus DPS) can also be Shiva

    no regeneration needed just mana and health pool increase since sun ray will just consume 4% (even you have guinsoo, it wouldn't be enough) of your mana and you have FIRESPIRITS as well

    MANA POOL -- to be able to use all your skills
    HEALTH POOL -- to maintain your high health

    ICARUS MUST BE A DPS hero as well, don't waste your HIGH BASE DAMAGE ;)

  14. my build in this hero is :



  15. bad bad bad.. supernova is a bad thing.. use it if it is Lv3. why? you cant move/atk or defend yourself. specially.. this hero is a killer/support

    fast game*
    vanguard first item. (you need this for using too much sun ray.)
    BOT (following enemy with sun ray) *using sun ray will slow you down*
    shiva (sunray dive shiva supernova. while in dive use shiva in area so you can stop there and use super nova)

    late game*

  16. the egg is very vulnerable...especially if opponent uses mask of madness...how can the madness problem be escaped...?

  17. i think i will choose to use item are:


  18. for me i use the same build as axe

  19. the egg might be vulnerable if youre alone, but not with your teamates(in clash) plus the 100 dps. enemies woudnt stand those damage just to destroy
    the egg...
    for me...
    -boots of speed
    -manta or radiance or heart or meka or lothar
    -necro(cast it before using supernova, so they could defend you)
    -then refresher orb

    too strong for a first gamer,and a good support hero for the entire game

  20. 2X bracers
    -sell the bracers and buy radiance and divine

  21. My PhoniX Item
    2>TANGGO with +8 too all stats with only +-1800 gold and great aura ms and as
    3>DOMINATOR for life stealing when you had Satanic yeah you dont nead nova again hahahaha
    4>HOT you need this cause your GOD hahahaa
    6>maybe DIVINE RAPIER or TRIPLE YOUR HEART hahahaha

  22. hehehe so interesting to use icarus

  23. my Item build is:


  24. rrrr

    this hero is so imba man..
    his first skill can be use to dispel cast too if u use it well..
    his secon skill can hurt n heal your enemies n allied hero when he need health wuahahhaa
    his third skill wow yo can run every where wehehee can go to the cliff if you being chased ahahahha
    thus and not the fourt skill is so powerfull but if ur allone and our being ambushed by 2 or more heroes and they hit u up to 9 punch u dies..
    so you must use this skill if you dare the risk to be a phonix wehehehehee

  25. best item for me would be:

    1.BOT,cud be Pboots(dmg and active phase)
    2.Radiance- best item
    3.Euls Scepter-very helpful to counter DPS hero who breaks ur egg.when ur always get killed during supernova, euls the hitter, that wud take about 2.5 sec on him, and while his on air immediately cast supernova.after he goes down u only have 3.5 sec to be reborn..thats a big help!also some movespeed

    4.Vanguard-early game
    5.Shiva-armor and the active skill
    6.Necronomicon-havent tried this yet but the thought of the necros protecting you while ur un supernova is cool :D
    -cud be tarrasque but it hurts when ur hp is too high and you cast sun ray, -25%
    -or cuirass,armor+atkspd..since ur base dmg is high and u have rad.


  26. my build is:
    Starting items (603 gold)
    -ring of basilius for mana regen...
    -salve or tango for hp recovery

    skill must be the fire spirits since it has low mana cost(75) and it heals and damages friend and foe within the AOE...

    fire spirits and dive should be mastered first since spirits provide heal and dive provides escaping/entering battle...

    sunray must be last... 40 +5% look like very strong but in early game it does not that very strong since your enemy's hp is low... another thing 25% of current life is reduced for activating this skill... it just gives and opportunity for the opponent to kill you easily...

    use your supernova as often as you needed even though you are not in a battle... this provides perfect HP and Mana regen... since the stun is not useful in a 1 on 1 battle...

    phoenix can stand alone in mid with this build...

    -power threads
    since all of phoenix' skills depletes hp mechanism is very useful

    -blademail depends on the enemy...
    it adds armor and defense on enemy hitter
    so enemy would not hit you while you activate this...

    -shiva's guard or guinsoo...
    to control your distance with enemy heroes

    provides additional HP and 2% regen which is very helpful

    as you can see every item gives armor or HP so phoenix can stand almost unkillable... just don't be stun locked or use supernova in a gank...


  27. this is the best build ever:
    soul ring

  28. cuiras
    phase boots
    shiva's guard
    heart of tarasq

  29. this build is a safe yet handy one:
    2x bracer
    then linkens/vanguard, depending on who your opponents are.
    the reason for late boots is b/c sunray is constant 250 ms, and you will use it a lot. and you have icarus dive to get you out of hefty situations...
    why safe and good?
    in this build, the bottle will prolly give about 200 mana, about 500 mana for phoenix(with bracers) for a total of 700 mana... good enough for 2x sunray kills and a Dive-Nova combo right after..
    then back to start..
    however, it all depends on your playstyle and opponents.

  30. *while casting sunray, your ms is a constant 250.
    *life is 1200+ (pretty good early games) with 2x bracers

  31. magic wand

    sange (sange&yasha)
    then sell your magic stick and buy
    try it.. :D

  32. mw built item is
    -Soul Ring
    -Shiva Guard
    -Force staf
    -Assault Cuiras
    -Ethreal Blade

  33. my build 6 iron wood branch!

  34. for me the best build is
    phase boots
    and HOT or Cuiras

  35. base on 6.72f
    1st. we can chase ppl with dive and sunray
    2nd. dive before nova instead of, i heard shiva? and i never make shiva though
    3rd. fire spirits really hurts for the early game, makes me got a combo like: fire spirits - 10s - dive - nova ;)
    and my support build are, arcane, bm, taras, refresher. (optional: dagon, ethereal)

    but phoenix got nice base damage, like 90-101 in lv. 15 so i'm working on killer build now lol *more likely, hitter

  36. this hero is very strong in 1vs1... just use chicken bottle and perseverance... sunray takes a lot of dmg and slow your enemy and if they try to escape use dive then sun ray again, using that they should be dead. ^_^