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DotA 3.77b AI IS IMBA map is an addition to the huge database of more fun maps based on DotA. IMBA The term derives from the word "imbalance" which is often used as the jargon of online gaming. DotA IMBA is definitely an imbalance map, IMBA has in the market the ability of each hero in DotA. Imagine meat hook with a range of 3500 and potm Elune's arrow through the whole map.

• Imba hero spells / abilities
• The most powerful.
• Get a free random element (of old shop of wonders)
• Achievement Points
• Best Visual Effects
• New Hero: Phoenix Ice

The interesting thing about this map can be played online against the computer (AI bots) and fun, this map has some elements, even for the most fun is pretty funny. DotA IMBA was originally created by the Chinese map developer (s) after Mimy always Harreke English translation of this map. Make sure you play this with your friends, you will not regret it!...

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  1. how to type mode in the beginning of game ? i type -ap-ne no respond

  2. Is ursa warrior and troll warlord is the strongest hero? Why?

  3. Lembidi (Champion of DotA Blizzard Con)July 21, 2011 at 2:34 PM

    So the you AI releases is now up the macht for you or where is my friend!! tell me if you have massage of PleaseBugMeNot aka PBMN send me massage from he and my Yahoo massage mail is lembidi@yahoo.co.id !! please tell me if you finding PBMN!!

  4. Lembidi (Champion of DotA Blizzard Con)July 21, 2011 at 2:37 PM

    the bug is now macht on DotA v6.72e !! there are Meepo critical Meepo!! with aghanim scepter!!

  5. how to download dota imba

  6. what are the modes that i can type in the beginning of the game?

  7. i think slardar is the strongest here.. He can kill any hero by 2-3hits

  8. tinker can kill easily any hero..!!

  9. what are the good mode in this game ?