Dota 6.67b AI Fun Map Download v2.3 | 20 + Fun Heroes!

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Love the latest DotA map AI fun? If you want, we have good news for you. Overflow to keep updating the map to add heroes and even more fun. Now, four fun pub with a total of 17 additional heroes!

To play fun mode use -fun command
Here is the list tavern

1. Tavern redone. The old version of heroes redone. (3 heroes)
2. Taberna extinct. The heroes no longer exist in the current Dota. (3 heroes)
3. Tavern concept. Fun heroes. (5 Heroes)
4. Tavern Keep. Another fun heroes. (6 heroes)
5. 3 other heroes in version 2.2!
6. Plus 3 heroes old version 2.3!

Tired of waiting for the latest map of Amnesty International? Why not have a good time with heroes? :)

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