When you play DotA (Game Online) too much ... .... ^ ^

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When you play DotA (Game Online) too much ... .... ^ ^

- Time to cross the street. Thinks he will go to blink. 

- Had been cut off the blood. Shes shouting loudly that "Ahh kg kg I,m being FIRST BLOOD !!!!". 

- If you think that the strong pound the ground next to the person who has not walked slowly to stun a 40% wash. 

- You probably will not dare approach spring. 

- When you order a chicken dish to buy. 

- When you start thinking seriously about maiden or slayer. 

- When you see a dog will run away because they thought that the body converts to Lycan'trope. 

- Late at night, you would not dare go for fear of Night Stalker. 

- Go shopping with that money is not enough. And then think that was fine. Golden added that it was their own by-8. 

- When you look at it very dark and you do not see what I have to gem or whatever wood stick 

- When you are shooting airgun, you feel like throwing rocks at the same time many children are being much more than 

- When you see a scorpion, you think to find a rope to tie it before it shake ground 

- When you finished the race with a friend, you want to overtake with the same switch. 

- Do not want to listen to music because of sleep (Naga). 

- When you see the tall trees will plunge into it, because it has hit the end game. 

- Time running behind people like Spa hammer to stun and then stop. 

- In real life when you begin to see the data that is dota. 

- Do you plan to walk and talk with people sitting at the fountain and then told to buy a monkey king bar. 

- Ebiuong aunt died 2 in a single tab -> "DOUBLE KLL". 

- When you start confusing life. A preference for male or representing the playing time. You may Tui too much or not. 

- Head down at different than running to stand passive and de blood. 

- Lazy at work Did I linger, I would like to say out of mana. 

- Time punching someone thought that the god's strength, it is to escape stun. 

- Time went behind the manta would separate out the draft. 

- When you're sad and telling people to pacify the "I'll alone". 

- When you get a panda. You would think it cry "Hui!!" 

- Time sure you want to pin the head spa Daykornahri good friends at your school. Just in case the thief has 1 int. 

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