Dota 6.75b AI Map Download News & Update

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Dota 6.75b AI Map Download News & Update. Finally, after waited for a long time DotA 6.75 was released. But wait, where a map of AI? Do not worry, this will keep you updated with news about DotA 6.75 AI Dota 6.75 AI improvements are to be placed in this article Stay tuned!

Update 1

PBMA said

"Hello, dear friends.Long time no see :) been a busy bee in RL.
 I`m planning to port the AI map to 6.75 but unfortunately, very soon, i`m going to move to a new country - Germany (Munich). Thus the next release date depends much on the speed i can find a suitable rent apartment there... as i can`t place my workstation and work on the map, in my free time, without a proper place to live. The big unknown is in front of me :) but i`ll keep you posted of my progress.
PS. Please, contact me at my email pbmn.dota[at]gmail.com if you have any information, which can speed up the apartment situation. We will all appreciate it! "

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