DotA 6.75b released | Official DotA Allstars 6.75b map download

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DotA 6.75b released | Official DotA Allstars 6.75b If you're a serious error on the DotA 6.75,  then you should be glad they fixed that problem on DotA 6.75b. This map also fixes several bugs in the previous version. In anticipation of the big changes.


Changelog 6.75b * Fixed a fatal error when using wc3 patch 1.24b or 1.24e* Magnetic Field gives half the AS bonus for non-hero units* Tempest Double cooldown from 55 to 65/60/55* Fixed a new bug in 6.75 that allowed refresher to bypass necronomicon restrictions* Magnetic Field aoe reduced from 375 to 325* Icarus Dive heal from 0.5/1.5/2.5/3.5% over 6 seconds to 0.75/2.25/3.75/5.25% over 4 seconds (same total heal, just faster)* Fixed Radiance working on Sticky Napalm* Fixed Naix getting stuck in Arc Warden's double * Fixed some items like Dagger and Heart malfunctioning on your main hero if the Tempest Double gets attacked* Roshan no longer has mana nor requires mana for his spells* Fixed Splinter Blast slowing magic immune units* Fixed a crash when using Icarus Dive with Refresher Orb* Fixed Rubick stealing Shadow Amulet* Fixed default missing icon on Ancestral Spirit unit* Fixed various tooltips
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