DotA 6.66b AI Map Free Download

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Dota 6.66b 0,2141 AI - Fixed
Dota 6.66b AI 0,2141 released, resulting in the decision to play in the accident at the 0214 avian flu.
Accidents were found in the Pounce Slark, Osa and Family Excellence Visage Invocation Warcraft leaders were to collapse.

  • Rewrite Excellence and family calling us to prevent accidents He released a survey added to the jump in 6.66b, which causes the game to crash
  • Added workaround when the AI trying to attack fell Divine Rapier (item will be deleted)
  • Fixed AI for the destruction of an umbrella, after they attack Roshan

                     Download DotA 6.66b AI 0.2141

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