How we can use the full Potencial with DotA - Dota Ai Map

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How we can use the full Potencial with DotA
Remove the main reasons why we can not fully use.
Have you ever been, even if you say that the delay Garena thin but why is the last hit our skin much more than T ^ T, or press play on Battle.net Click to Houston and then another 0.5 seconds to Action! Escape into the fog and enemies.
Delay is the biggest reason why we could not play it at full potential.

This delay is a problem similar to but different stability of delay spike is much better if the problem is the nail of DC is much easier to delay the symptoms Lag spike ก็ึ That jerk คะ This problem is common. Do not let even a game of high KS vs Fnatic it undermined the effectiveness of other players max. lose much more than a delay.
Pong Pang problem for the old dinosaur now, but loves to play. There is a problem that these people like to adjust the resolution of the image than the machine to accept it. The piece is meant to test it with a single player fertile ground something like Nia. So plan to play out wai comfortable enough to really play 5v5 battle rhythm is release the mouse to see the beautiful effect of the game ~ ~ Poor you!.

This problem has a solution.
Before you try a different type / fps in a single player map dota  I see.
Thurs view of the fountain here to see the Sentinel  I noticed FPS.
    If 60 or more means to test OK Step 3 has .
    If under 60, please set the video settings to low I . For the benefit of yourself.
3 Start the map this time a new press-wtf-ah, and then tinker with do not forget to select the type / fps I.
4 arrested you tinker, we use the skill march of the machine by standing straight  the pond.
     wave at an FPS should be fixed at 60 I  normal or strike in this lane for approximately  performance.
     double wave surge of March of the machine (an overlap time) FPS not lower than 50 I  This represents a major battle in 3v3.
     double wave surge of March of the machine (two overlapping time) FPS not lower than 40 I  This represents an effect of the strike practice 5v5.
     If the test fails, you can lower the video setting down .
* If you reduce  not pass the test book are you glad you have a computer that never pull out your ability certainly full: P.
Mouse and keyboard.
Another concern of the problems many jump to the top screen mouse keyboard itself does not press hard on the mouse slow / too fast if we would play house  not much of a problem? Because if I bought it, just change themselves. If the player is bad at the internet cafe I'm nuts. What if you play something more serious. Somewhat important issue.
This sound is important I take you played DotA only dampen the open where you play sound better than 90 percent would say for sure one sound for another 10 percent to try to sound more open I . Then use a neural Sam Ear noticed that in some games. Play your better course .
The environment around  your mother is cursed father beat friend racket Fetid toilets in bad nose. All these things affect your game of course!
Friends of the Team.
This case is not that the friends we have not fully played คะ. I argue stubbornly . If you find a good teammate. Understanding each other colors you can dream a magnus witch doctor, without any major problems I.
 If you find teammates who do not play as a team or be too weak to play a combo easy to play sven Skellig pain kller still could not play it  ~ ~ missing any attempt really to death even if no other
The computer is like a VGA cpu friends if I play the game flows do well both, if well alone. Games that it does not jiggle it? Actual flow.
Your Self!
Finally, nothing is more important than yourself . For each item on your side, you still can perfect all the freckles Pang. I already consider themselves .

By : Judazoats

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