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Dota 6.67b AI Rev2b ver.06/16/2010 Map Released - Download and lists changes

Dota 6.67b AI Rev2b

Bug fixes:

Harekke of AI was given a new version comes out every week.
This release brings more bug fixes, thanks PleaseBugMeNot.

-Blademail now working

-New visual effects for offensive use urn of Shadows
-Surveillance visual impact on the enemy unit Bounty Hunter
-Evil Edict Leshrac `s lack of explosion effects in random places, if not within the unit ... So we map the unit
-Ion Shell Dark Seer stack (fixed, but is not tested by me)
-Puck scepter now maintain statistics and add 50 + to use my
-I could not Nerubian Assassin's beetles' infestation t use (click on the button did nothing). Now, certainly - the bombing silence and dmg
-Nerubian Weaver

-Fixed Cleave / Anchor Smash from instantly klling the creatures swarm
-Various performance improvements to launch a swarm of
-There is no hero units now, or half damage to swarm
-Fixed a bug with lifesteal and creatures swarm


  1. can you share on mediafire to fast download connection

  2. ok i already replace file on medidaifire.Check it out.

  3. can I request map Bleach vs One piece ai map fun with hidden character is Final fantasy please can you share on mediafire....

  4. its very hard to download all in my p.c
    how to make it easy?

  5. Why is this? if I want to play there is always reading "the map is to big please play to diffrent map" how to play? (i can not play>. <)