DotA guide for Newbie. Dota Ai Map

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DotA guide for Newbie. 

This topic for Beginners I. I teach you to play the. 

It might be good to have a little help. 

Ethics in playing DotA. 
- Never leave the game without reason. If you must leave. Other people should be informed first. 
- If the player must play to end the spirit of the players, who was lost, but also learn something new. Since the opponent. 
- In a friend's house on the ground should not take the subject because it can be mixed, must be made before you took please?. 

The words and abbreviations should know different. 
sentinel = the bottom. 
scourge = Department of the top 
creep = creep is the drive that we keep klling to maintain the sentinel Tang ครับ going to have a tree, the scourge is a ghost, and in the woods with . 
b = represents the back, that is, to fall.  Often used to say: "Before the" leakage "What about this 
noob = embryo plays a soft dead simple to get a good mouth noob be censorship. 
neophyte newbie = new player. It is used in different ways with good noob. 
Pro = Those who have played for a long time and do not easily klled by the tower to fight other people. Overall mean players online. Not the good areas. 
expert = someone playing almost everyone. Having the ability to play high not easy being klled, most of them will be on the other clan.  
krean = an abbreviation is not used directly, but must be applied to those who know nothing. 
sim, farm = to maintain the Tang Dynasty for anyone not interested in money only. 
-Ap = All Pick, is a hero of the house anywhere. 
-Ar = All random, each will have a random hero. 
gg = good game good game (most say the end). 
gj = good job / gw = good work / n1 = a nice line when you play well. 
bs = tui Tui back stabbing murder in the back lot. 
help heal = dead 
ks = kll steal and kll other friends to the last coup. 
rax = barracks Ancient of War / Crypt. 
nuker = enough magic power to shoot to death. 
Roshan, golem = Ko Lee Lake 25 mm travel in purple and the other great klling all 800 articles of gold and drop are good. 
God = kll and a lot size Mang. 
ww, INVI = wind Walk, invisible invisible invisible 
Gem Gem = TrueSight help bring the issue to see a unit or INVI ww. 
All district = Sao, Pak Sao, often talks about using the emergency room or INVI saw ww. 
q = kll kll, ready to kll. 
re = regeneration of more blood and Mana. 
The pool = Total purchases 

Tha situation and different from the topic or skill. 
chain lightning - a bolt out and rebound, but the dmg will be reduced gradually. 
Delete - the amateur all missing from the selected drive (slow compression lag jellyfish, diffusal lag only). 
bash - the next stunning, do not stand how or hate it. 
crazy - the faster attacks. But we are being attacked. The increase also. 
avatar - anti-magic and skill that we all target species. 
cleaving - when the attack will attack all around us. To reduce. 
Reincarnation - the rebirth when the king died (skel me dead the umbrella of the pond). 
windwalk - invisible and accelerate implementation. 
Power Pop (Dagon) - as a target to reduce the ability that appears in the article, if the hero can be set lower than indicated. 
demon summoning (necronomicron) - Sea 2 magical wizard fighting each has different capabilities. 
illusions - created the image of ourselves, the power and durability in terms of specific attacks. 
Comments - similar to mana burn, but we have reached the attack. 
Death Pact (Satanic) - eat your friends to add CV ourselves. 
brilliant aura - Add to mana regeneration, a friend nearby to also occur with 
devotion aura - add definition, close friends to occur with 
frost attack - an attack made us down the opponent, slowly slowly depending on specific attacks. 

General knowledge. 
- Creation of Barack is important. If the damage from dragging on the right. It makes you hard, quarter is behind the tower 3. 
- Should be the hero of the first person may try to create a single player because it makes us know that our hero to fight him. What I can do. 
- Should consider the capacity of each element so you can use it correctly with their hero. 
- If does not mean it does not always work well. It may be negligible compared to the cost. But when the box is empty subject. Good for you as the original. 
- The point is the shortcut Free 6-channel buttons, the 1,2,4,5,7,8 buttons to the right of the keyboard, sort photos in the game. 
- Travel of playing time in the store should creep back to safer shelter. 
- From the struggle against the enemy stronghold. Where to stay away if we have a little creep side. We could become the target of the tower. 
- If you are pressing to attack the other hero of all the other unit in the period will change to attack. For example, Fortress (the purpose of the skill is not an attack). 
- Trying to preserve his own life. Do not take chances, if you die. Moreover have the money and make your friends difficult. 
- You should see mini map (bottom left), often noticed red Wait around you. Central View is not just a single screen. You will see the movement of the other party better. 
- If you do not see the hero instead of all opponents. Should be alert. Because the other party may join in one direction. You may also be white. 
- Notice around you who always give more care. 
- If the other party more than your hero. Failure to maintain a distance too close, depending on how much the other hero. 
- You do not have the best. If listening to his teammates how to tell the parties lose ground Luis, walk back alone. 
- Learn from other players, look at the topic, he uses skills, how to play, you may remember to use on the page. 
- Ability to put the hero will not reduce the damage must be fully in the provision, such as the ability of 300, but said that if the reduction is to reduce the hero of around 240-250, f is the blood of all their ability. If you only want to suck your blood, which dragged on for
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