W3x Advanced Configurator - Dota Ai Map

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W3x Advanced Configurator is a great tool because it is 4 in 1 tool.
In this tool you have:
Warcraft 3 version switcher
WC3 registry fixer
Resolution Changer
and you can turn any video, audio and game settings
Version switching notes

- War3 If the folder is automatically detected, select it by clicking the "magnifying glass" icon;
- Download the version I wanted to click on "Download latest version" and click "Where to put the file version? And drop the downloaded file in this folder that opens. NOTE [: NOT unzip the file, put it zip.!]
- Recommended to keep your current version before switching to another, first put your current version of the box "Version" and click "Save Current Version";
- Now select the version of his beloved list and click "Switch to selected" and you're done!


Download W3x Advanced Configurator

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