WarKey++ -Great Warcraft 3 Hotkey Changer - Dota Ai Map

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This tool allows you to change Warcraft 3 shortcut keys.
Program features:
The warkey not affect the chat (which will be amortized warkey automatically) and is easy to use. Warkey is suitable for all gaming platforms (Garena, Battle.net)Dota Ai Maps Download Free !!. Warkey is a requirement for the professional game.
Keyboard shortcuts:
Enable / disable the keyboard shortcut "hotkey [Home]
Toggle AI block mouse shortcut key [End]
([H) Hotkey: Allied bar shows the CV
(Alt]) Hotkey: Show enemy hp bars
(Alt M) Hotkey: check the status of the position
(Alt P) Hotkey: Pause / Resume game "
(Alt F4) Hotkey: Quit Game Dota Ai Maps Download Free !!
Other features:
Automatically shield left [Win] when I play
Automatically shield law [Win] when I play
Change hotkeys Hero skills
Quick message:
Text preceded by "| all" to send to all
Text preceded by "| Our" allies to send
What is not add a default sent
1.The program supports the latest War3 1.24patch.
2.Active/Disable enemy / ally bars HP
3.Macro hotkey
4.Quick Message hotkey 
5.Very interface simple and fun. function of force.
All you need is Warcraft3 (1.20 to 1.24)
  Download Warkey++


  1. why when i download this warkey it wont work ! it open in adobe reader but warning message comes ! please tell me how it download properly !


  2. msvbvm60.dll could not be found
    what schould i do?

  3. thanks i use it ts working for me